Purpose, Goals and Objectives of the Program

Every single person has skills, abilities and gifts.
John McKnight

Photo Credit: Mycah Camama, PYLP15


The overarching purpose of the PYLP program is to enhance participants’ knowledge, skills, leadership abilities, and confidence so that they can engage the world around them more deeply, and have impact that reverberates far beyond the four-weeks in the U.S.


More specifically, program goals are to:

1) Prepare youth leaders to become responsible citizens and contributing members of their communities;

2) Empower participants to be actively engaged in addressing issues of concern in their schools and communities upon their return home;

3) Build mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect through shared culture and values; and

4) Foster relationships among youth from different ethnic, racial, religious, and national groups.


The objectives of the program are for participants to:

1) Demonstrate a better understanding of community engagement as practiced in the United States;

2) Deepen critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills; and

3) Develop program planning and implementation skills to bring community project ideas to fruition.

We believe civic engagement equips everyday citizens with an indispensable toolkit for democracy including: knowledge of how government operates; the realm of action available to citizens both inside and outside the government sphere; and the leadership skills necessary to pursue such action.

We believe that civic engagement is best conceived as an integration of knowledge and action, and that both are necessary for inclusive and diverse understanding as well as practice.