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Session 1: PeacEstorya on Peacebuilding and Social Media

Date : July 25, 2020, 3:00-4:30PM, via Zoom (or watch via Youtube Live Stream)

Short Description:

Most of us, if not everyone, is on social media now. We’ve seen in our timelines and news feed that social media can be a useful tool that can foster democratic dialogue and freedom of expression, and bridge inequalities in times of pandemic. However, due to the unrestricted nature of the internet and social media, especially in the Philippines, users not practicing ethical standards can use the tools to circulate misleading information, thus the proliferation of fake news and hate speech, for instance. This can lead to destabilization of peace and ignite violence.

This conversation aims to discuss (1) strengths and weaknesses of popular social media tools in the Philippines (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) for conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and (2) the existing regulatory mechanisms of online interaction and the internet in the Philippines.
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The In-Country PYLP Team during the Semi-Finalists Interview
in Ateneo De Zamboanga, Zamboang del Sur, Philippines.